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Haven't worn earrings in 7 months, got a new pair and my ears are a bit itchy and tender, (it's 14k which I wasn't allergic to before, any advice?)
Is BDT still in business?

I have made several purchases over the years. I had a follow-up question.

Hi! I was just wondering if you have any more videos or pics of the new AVC!? Also, what size did you get that one in? Is it bigger than your original cushion? Do you prefer your AVC to the older cushion? Sorry for so many questions! If you have any more videos or pics, I'd love to see! :)
hi can any one stamp carat marks on rings. Or can this only be done by someone qualified.
Sean Flint
the stamping act of 1932 says if you stamp the ring you must also add a manufacturing stamp and you need to be with in 1/2 karet of the gold or platinum quality
I would like a 10.5mm to a 12mm AG H&A, any idea when this might be available? How do I get a pre order?