Zaycon - fantastic quality ground beef, chicken, etc - coupon for today!

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if we've had a conversation about cooking anytime recently, i probably mentioned Zaycon.

putting some chicken in the crockpot and letting it cook without heating up the kitchen is such a fantastic way to have a home-cooked dinner without heating up the whole house by using the oven!
i've been a huge fan of them for years now, and just placed an order for my husband's holiday gift. ha!

They've got a 5% coupon (!) today, which makes their ground beef & chicken an even better deal. The coupon is ZAYCON15 and their website is

i'm sorry if this seems spammy, it isn't, i promise! it's just so rare for them to have coupons, and their meats are such a higher quality than what we can get locally for a similar price, that i wanted to share.
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Thanks for sharing! Love seeing someone relate a good experience/favorite company instead of only bashing on places they don't like.

Imma go check them out...
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they're a fantastic company. it can be a little strange paying upfront, sometimes months in advance, for 40lbs of chicken or ground beef, etc, but the quality is so much higher than what we can get locally, and at a fantastic price.
the chicken is what we get most, and the per-pound price is less, from Zaycon, than the frozen "solution added" kind at the store. and the Zaycon ones don't shrink up when cooked, like the "solution added" kind do. the downside, if it can be considered a downside, is that the meats are for the most part nonfrozen, so once you get home from the pickup you have to reportion into smaller containers in amounts appropriate for your household.
but that doesn't take long, and it's a small hassle/time-investment for buying a quality product.

i'm sure i sound like a commercial for them, but it's just 'cuz we've been so happy with our purchases from them.

...also? if your 40lb box ends up a little lighter, by a few ounces or whatever, they credit the difference back to your account! for the order we made yesterday, we had a $2.xx credit from our previous order which was just a little bit light.
one time before, even, they were able to lower the per-pound price after i had placed an order, and i was refunded the difference then, too.

so, yeah, i like sharing! they have so many products i'm interested in but haven't tried - just because we don't have room for them in the freezer after the other things we get!
one of these days i'll go in with some friends and split some boxes of those things. or borrow some space in my grandmother's freezer!
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