Winter Engagement Photos


BTD Crown Jewel
OOOMMMGGGG!!!!!! This is the cutest pics I've EVER seen!!!!!

You two guys look just like an advertisement for American Eagle Clothing Company.... SOOOO gorgeous....
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BTD Crown Jewel
DeathByDesign said:
We're from Canada! We took these photos just north of Toronto, but our wedding is going to be in Montreal!

We went and visited the venue today and we're pretty much ready to go ahead! Once we sign the papers, our February 18th 2012 date will be official... right now it's our unofficial date, but looks like there will be no problems!

Thanks! Our photographer is awesome!! I am sooo happy he's doing our wedding too, haha!

Congratulations! Stunning candids! We were married in Lake Louise, Canada! Sooo happy for you!
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Some of the best engagement pictures I have seen! I love love love the setting. You guys make a beautiful couple
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Looks like the ad for the Winter JCrew catalog... are these real? Looks like professional model pics. So natural and fun looking... Congrats!!!!! cant wait to see the wedding photos
MissKK said:
You guys are so stinking cute! Great idea btw.

Edit: how did I miss this thread? >.> hehe
I know me too! You guys are adorable, congrats!
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