WinkCZ decisions! cushion, lucidaz rect, cartier elongated

Disclaimer: I like to see gemstones in motion; so to formulate my opinion, I went to Wink's screencast videos and looked up the ones that show off your two cuts (elongated cushion and LucidaZ).

I gotta say I'm quite drawn to the elongated cushion. I like its softer lines over the angular ones of the LucidaZ (and my bias is obvious since I have an oval shape in my e-ring). And I also like the smaller sparkles of fire and bigger flashes of white that come off the elongated cushion compared to the bigger chunks of dispersion and smaller chunks of white from the LucidaZ. I think that makes the elongated cushion more diamond-like and less CZ-like to me.

So the elongated cushion gets my vote.
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The elongated cushion is my favorite as well, and unfortunately the 11x9 is sold out. Since we still don't have a new cutter, getting one is not an option at this time.
Another vote for the elongated cushion here. I have a 9x7 cushion in the lightest yellow color like the one Emanuela posted the video link for. Of the Wink stones I purchased that was my husband's favorite as well.
that's a tough call. I'm more drawn to the lucida, but think the cushion is probably more diamond-like.

I'm in the process of getting a wink canary radiant set soon! LOVE wink stones!