Wink or DiamondAngel, help with this ring!

I ran across this ring on the Bistro and am wondering if it's a stock piece or if it's custom?

I am toying with the idea of buying an Emerald Moissy and I love how low the trellis is with the emerald shape! I have only seen wide shanks, I love the thinner width and the way the setting sort of pinches in under the head!

My PM's aren't sending, but could you send me some info on the exact setting, in 14kt WG?

Thanks, I'm off to see if there's more videos over on your site!
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BTD Crown Jewel
Dirtygirlscout is correct, the item # is WST122099. Please send me an email along with your finger size and what size/shape center stone you are looking for, and I can provide pricing to you.