Will the Real Diamond Please Stand Up?


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OOOMMMGGG!!!!!! This is enough to push a girl over the edge that's been little by little falling in love with OMC and OEC's.... My drool is going to short out my keyboard for sure this time...............
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Wow, this video is amazing! They look so incredibly real! Why any one would spend the money on a real one when these are so amazing is beyond me! Thanks for sharing!
This is a very long thread, could some one explain a newb which one is ASHA, and which one is a natural diamond and what color.

I have no Idea what is OMC amd OEC ...


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The Asha is in the middle, the other are diamonds. The ring on her ring finger is a K colour, but set in plat and it faces up much whiter. The ring on her pointer is O/P colour. The middle is Asha and should be I colour.
OMC = Old Mine Cut

OEC = Old European Cut

JbEG specializes in antiques and things that look that way.
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Ok, I'm new here. May I ask what "Asha" is and is there a website where I can find it?

Also, what is "OMC"? I am on a limited fixed income and the pictures and videos you posters show are making me DROOL!!!
Thanks, Grannie
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Hi, Grannie, and welcome to the boards. The Asha is the diamond coated CZ made and sold by Better Than Diamond, www.betterthandiamond.com.
OMC means Old Mine Cut and is an antique faceting pattern that diamonds were cut in 100 years or more ago.
The stone holder is on the middle finger on the bottom. It is a little squeezy thing that you grasp a stone with. It has 4 uneven looking "prongs".
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From memory it was around G/H, but I don't recall exactly. To my eye, it looked like an H colored diamond with strong blue fluorescence. A hint of warmth from the side, but showed a lot of violet-blue hue in sunlight, comparable to a 3.57ct OEC diamond we have in the store right now, which has medium/strong blue fluorescence. The Asha behaved very similarly.
This may be the wrong forum, but I liked the idea of picking out the stone!

So, I ordered three beautiful 1 ct rounds - Amora, Asha and moissy - for comparison. It's tough decision!

The sparkle and fire of the Amora is definitely intense. Reading about the Amora online I learned that it has better optics than diamond. However, the Asha sparkles exactly like a diamond. The hearts and arrows pattern of the Asha is amazing! The standard moissy has a wonderful, subtle, buttery hue. The warmth is lovely. Each one is beautiful, but in distinct and totally different ways.

Here's a link to my Youtube video showing all three:


Ideas? Thoughts?
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It's just lovely!!! I could even see the arrows a few times in the video. Very believable as a high quality diamond if you are trying to pass it off as one.
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