Will the Real Diamond Please Stand Up?

True. The 2.68 is a spready stone at 9mm, and the heavy bezel makes it look bigger. That's why I picked up a 10mm OMC, lol, because I'm used to about 10mm of coverage

If I didn't already mention it before, this Asha is mine, for a personal project - it's a tide-me-over-until-I-find-a-honking-antique-cushion-diamond and a travel ring, all in one!

I haven't decided on a setting for it yet. I'll likely take the opportunity to design a new signature solitaire for the store!
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The Black Orlov
i really need to get my butt in gear and order some OMCs before theyre all gone!

thank so much for sharing this!

im going to be staring at this all day!
Girl, you have just conviced me to 1) get a big, lush asha 2) go for a vintage stone and ring.

They are sooo stunning!
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So...now the most important question - how do I set this monster, lol?

I was thinking maybe as a 3 stone with BTD concave cut cushion sides...

Or maybe a calibre cut sapphire halo, very antiquey.



The Imperial Diamond
Now I have to add this stone to my growing list of things I want.........I don't think I'll ever get to the bottom of that list!!
LOL, I totally agree deb.
Never getting to the bottom of the list... kinda frustrating, but also kinda fun!
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