Will the Real Diamond Please Stand Up?

Hi all!

I happen to have in my possession a beautiful 10mm Asha OMC!

For kicks, and to help the folks who come here wondering if their Asha will look real, I thought I'd snap some pics and video of the Asha OMC alongside my 2.68ct OEC diamond ring (~9mm, GIA K color) and a sold 4.09ct Antique Cushion diamond ring (~10mm, GIA O/P color, sold but not yet shipped to the buyer).

I'll let the pics and video speak for themselves!

One thing to note is that, with all of the stones, where you see black reflecting in the diamond/Asha, this is the stone reflecting the black of my camera. In person, as soon as you remove the black object, the stones reflect all of the colors around them - blue sky, white light, color of my clothes, zero darkness in real life.



<object width="425" height="318" ><param name="movie" value="http://cdn.smugmug.com/ria/ShizVidz-2010102501.swf" /><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param name="flashVars" value="s=ZT0xJmk9MTExOTY0MDQyOSZrPXQyd3lXJmE9MTQ5ODg4MTBfRjNlcXMmdT1KZXdlbHNieUVyaWNhR3JhY2U=" /><embed src="http://cdn.smugmug.com/ria/ShizVidz-2010102501.swf" flashVars="s=ZT0xJmk9MTExOTY0MDQyOSZrPXQyd3lXJmE9MTQ5ODg4MTBfRjNlcXMmdT1KZXdlbHNieUVyaWNhR3JhY2U=" width="425" height="318" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullScreen="true"></embed></object>


The Imperial Diamond
Oh wow, those are gorgeous!! Thanks for the comparisons, Erica. I love when you do these. Is it just me or is there no video?

What color would you rate the OMC?

ETA - the OMC is in the stone holder!
I couldn't find the video either
all the stones are so beautiful! I'm guessing that the Asha is the one in the stone holder, judging from the stats you listed. Thanks so much for the awesome comparison!
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Yes, the Asha is in the holder and the 2.68 is in the bezel. The 4.09 is in the solitaire. The videos are mixed in with the pics, but they are big files and may still be loading up. There are 2.


The Imperial Diamond
Okay, just saw the vids - thanks! wow, they all look great. DROOL. If the OMC is a G color, and the other a K and an O/P, no wonder the OMC looked almost colorless in comparison! Still on par in looks and cut with the diamonds, but I must say I find myself gravitating towards those warmer colors, especially in these antique cuts!

What is that OMC going to be set in?
Found the videos! Anyone who has been wondering if their asha will look real has certainly had their question answered after checking out these videos. Thanks again!
Great video, Erica!

I want an 8mm Asha OEC, OMC or ACC in a JbEG setting and this video did not help me. I love all the antique cuts!!
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Happy to hear that this thread will be helpful!

Less, you really knocked it out of the park with the faceting on the OMC - wonderful!