Why I prefer my asha over a diamond

I love diamonds, I really do. And I especially have a thing for color diamonds. One of my favorite past times is to visit the exhibitions that Christie's and Sotheby's have before an auction. I would shamelessly try on the pieces and admire them (I would also drool!).

BUT.....I can not stand the negatives associated with/created by the diamond industry - the manipulation, price fixing, corruption, environmental destruction. Really drives my insane.

If I ever come into a fortune, I would love to own some statement diamonds (talking important ones from Graff). But as a person who does not have a fortune, I would rather be in a position where I can buy what pleases me then be made to feel inferior by the brainwashing bs generated by diamond industry and held hostage by their market pratice.

Sorry for the long rant!

Long live the Asha and Amora Gem!!!
Joyce said:
The reason I posted a picture of THAT diamond was to show the cost comparison. For me at least cost IS an issue. Of course you would see the beauty so much more in an infinity diamond or any Ideal cut VVS1 or better diamond but the price of the diamond then goes up substantially.
I agree completely.
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An asha looks like an amazing stand in until AmoraGem is avail in US......I've never seen such a gorgeous simulant in a setting, FAB RING!!!!!


The Florentine Diamond
I wish these pictures were more clear, but for the sake of comparison . .. my 2.5 ct asha next to a 2 ct SI1 Leo diamond and then next to a 1.5 ct Ideal cut diamond. I still prefer my asha!

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