Who do I look like? ~~game~~

This is me with my natural colored hair, but I don't think I look like anyone famous..or anyone for that matter. My hair is pink now.

and just for fun, here I am now with my pink hair.

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omg you are adorable!!!!!!!!!! and please do not take that in a bad way. I just LOVE the pink hair! reminds me of a doll :p and I associated that with adorable
I have a friend who has had bright red hair, blue and last it was pink. She has gone back to her natural because the constant bleaching to keep it bright was causing her hair to break terribly ( naturally black hair so she had to completely bleach her hair before going pink/red/blue)
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LOVE the pink hair, i want to dye my hair a soft strawberry milkshake color pink... but it would take some work because my natural hair color is dark brown.... and also i'm lazy!

you look fabulous with the hot pink hair though!
Since I have never, ever heard anyone say I look like someone else, here is a goofy picture of me from yesterday!

I was out doing a photography job, and the lighting was horrible...these are me goofing around in my Santa hat, so might be hard without seeing my hair done!

LOL, I know it is tough. I like Sara Rue!

People struggle with my nationality too.

I will let you guess, and then I will see who gets close.

My problem is I can't stop laughing when I get in front of a camera!
You look like a good looking girls with lots of beautiful brown hair. Maybe I should picture of myself. Who does one look like at 53 years of age--wearing a flannel nightgown and up to the waist panties? Probably a dead person. Stay tuned folks...
Thanks E, I have always had a mane, LOL. Except once when a girl gave me a BOB!!! Not a good look for me.

OK, your turn....gotta see the nightgown!! woo hoo!!
I would never forget my Bling. Are you kidding me. I was reading you posts yesterday about how you got your Kangarous. It was very heartwarming.

Chebella, don't waste time and worry about what you look like when you're young and beautiful. Wait until you're my age. Then you can start buying Depends underwear and granny panties. By that time, you won't care what people think about you.