Who do I look like? ~~game~~

lil_buddy said:
hadley - you remind me of Gena Rowlands. Can't find a pic of her with bangs or without bright lipstick to prove it.
Hmmmm, I guess I see the hooded eyes resemblance. But I sure wish I did really look like her. She's so classy.

The last time I saw her in a movie, it was "The Notebook" on a plane. It ended and I said to my husband, "Ug. That was the cheesiest thing I've ever seen. I should've read my book." Then I looked at him and he was in a full-blown ugly cry! He said, "That was the sweetest movie ever!"

I'm so used to my hands that I don't see them. Just now I looked at this photo of myself and thought, "Look at those monkey hands! They're longer than my whole head!"
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Yeah... the Notebook is one of my favourite movies to watch with DH. lol. We both love it!


The book was different enough though - like they didn't die together, there was more focus on the feelings of love vs the feelings of frustration the husband had with taking care of a wife who didn't know him, etc, so it's a more believable portrayal of real love that's dealing with Alzheimer's.

That said, I actually preferred the movie to the book on this one, and that's rare. Maybe because the book was so serious, and the movie had some funny/flirty moments.
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e.taylor said:
ahhhhh! SPOILER THAT for those that haven't seen or read it!!!!

I just put it on my netflix list.
I'm SO sorry! I put a spoiler on it. Sorry if it gave anything away for you.
I suck.
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Your hands look normal size to me.
When I took drawing, we learned about lots of body proportion tricks.
For instance, the hand is about the same size as the face.
Looks to me as you fit that.

Hadley said:
lil_buddy said:
Just now I looked at this photo of myself and thought, "Look at those monkey hands! They're longer than my whole head!"
Also, I think it's harder to match women who don't wear make-up/trendy clothes/etc to celebrities.

I think if you wore bright red lipstick, a lot more eye-liner and hair extensions, you would look A LOT more like G. Rowlands.
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She isn't famous but you remind me of my youngest. Your eyes are green also correct? Not exactly but here is her photo. Her hair is really quite red even though it doesn't look like it in this photo -Red



jessb76 said:
Jessb76, I think you look like a grown up version of the girl who plays the oldest daughter on "Medium". I hope it's flattering, not insulting, to be compared to a teenager.


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The Black Orlov
she's one of my favorites (Lady in the Water is my favorite movie!) and that's a HUGE compliment. I don't see it, but I'll love you forever for it!

I should dig up old circus photos from when my hair was practically down to my waist-I could maybe see it more then!