Who Can Resize PALLADIUM?


It's been so long since I've been on this forum, y'all! Like 7-8 years ago when my husband I were picking out engagement rings.

So, I have a Jewels by Erica Grace (JbEG) "Gabbie" ring in Palladium metal that I absolutely love but it has gotten tight and uncomfortable to wear. JbEG has since gone out of business, so I can't go to them for any jewelry needs I may have.

I know Pearlman's Jewelry sells palladium, but their receptionist said they don't size it. I was bummed to hear that since they are close to me.

Do you guys know of any really good jewelers who work on palladium pave rings?

Dana ♥

The Centenary Diamond
JbEG is no more but i'm pretty sure both of them are still around and doing their own thing in jewelry so you might be able to do some research to hunt them down and ask if they could handle the resizing of the ring for you?
Thanks Dana & Cassie. I thought about reaching out to Grace, not sure where Erica (she was my husband's point person back in the day), but I hadn't thought of David Klass so I may consider that too.