Which should I buy?

I am looking to buy a diamond.. Both looked great when I saw them.. Popped no real downside from the eye..
I got the GIA report from and there seemed to be large clouds but not on the table. H clarity 1.4c vs2.. Attached is the GIA.
The other 1.51 but has some clouds and inclusions on the table, but nothing noticeable w/ the naked eye. H clarity 1.51 S1
Just want to make sure both are a good buy and which might preferable. the 1.51 is $900 more



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HI Trojan,
The 1.51ct is cut better than the other one (1.40ct).
They both are graded as 'excellent' cut but...about 55% of all diamonds sent to GIA get 'excellent cut'..it does not really mean 'excellent' :)

Your ideal table size is 55 - 58%.
The 1.51 is 55 vs the 1.40ct is 60...

Ideal crown angle = 34.5. 1.51ct = 35.5 (1 degree off) vs 32.5 (2 degrees off). You'll get less fire from the 1.40ct as a result.
Ideal pav angle = 40.75. 1.51ct = 41 (.25 degree off) vs 41.4 (.7 degree off). You'll get less brilliance from the 1.40ct.

The only advantage of the 1.40ct is it's 1 clarity grade higher, but I would always go with better cut over a tiny clarity difference.

Hope that helps!