Which forums are you on?

I don't know if this question goes against "forum etiquette" but as I really enjoy reading posts and contributing to this forum I was wondering what other cool forums are out there that you guys like to visit. I love me some sparkles but I also love discussions about other things but don't know where to look, and it seems things have been very quiet around here lately! Family, relationships, food, all of that kind of stuff. any suggestions? Where's the party at?? LOL
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I love The Purse Forum! It is a huge forum & covers EVERYTHING! Jewellery,handbags,makeup,fashion,you name it,it's on there! See you over there
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I'm actually on gemologyonline! I'm learning so much about different gemstones it's crazy. But there's only a small jewlery section so I like to come here to check out you guys! I'm a sapphire lover but I love coming here to see all the rings you guys have! They are beautiful and it's great inspiration!