what's for supper tonight?


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That's me for sure Dana... I love being about to have a really good meal at times and when it's hard to have the time to cook all day the crock pot is perfect... and I'm big on leftovers when it comes to this kind of stuff... you've inspired me Girl with the chicken.. I'm going to take an extra trip to the market this week just to try this... I'm going to check out that blog as well.. Thanks for the tips...
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sorry to have totally hijacked this thread, but do check out her blog. it's full of real-world recipes, that aren't fussy and complicated.
My fauxgiving last week was diced chicken and green beans with broth and a bit of milk over dry stuffing mix and topped with mashed potatoes. It was an interesting casserole. A
bit too much broth made the stuffing mushy. Not bad for a first try ~Red
Since you are all talking about fauxgiving meals, I thought I'd share what we had for supper tonight. Hubby barbequed a turkey in the Weber. It takes 12-15 minutes per pound (depending on the size of the turkey and how cold it is outside) and he has to add 5-6 charcoals in the Weber every 30 minutes. Cooking the turkey this way gives it a smoky flavor which is quite different than the traditional turkey taste. We all love it and this is even how we cook our turkey at Thanksgiving.
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I've said it before (I'm pretty sure on this thread) I love love love love love my crock pot! I own several and use them at least twice a week.
Mmmmm you guys are making me want fauxgiving!! Dana no worries on thread jacking. At least it was food related

Now to go get a turkey breast and cook it. I wonder which is cheaper... Buying a turkey breast or buying a whole chicken and cooking it.

Mmm red I LOVE green beans. Don't get them very much tho cuz FH doesn't like them. I love experimenting! It makes cooking exciting and fun lol.

I love love love my crock pot too but i only have one!! Haha I need more!
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I must have been living under a rock for the last couple of years because I just discovered http://thepioneerwoman.com/ . It's a great blog written by Ree Drummond about life with her family on a working cattle ranch. She also has the best recipes! Tonight I'm making Peach-Whisky BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner. The sauce for the BBQ chicken tastes reaallllly good!

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crock pot BBQ chicken (made with Sonny's Sweet Sauce), zucchini fritters (or croquets, or patties, whatever you wanna call 'em), parkerhouse yeast rolls.
veggies (sweet potatoes, peppers (sweet and hot), spices, tomatoes, olive oil, talapia wrapped in foil packet and baked in the oven! the sweet/salt and spicy goes together so well ;0)

p.s. the foil packets can also cook in the crock ;0)
Last night #1 & I dined on beef stew ala crockpot, 1.5 lbs angus beef, cubed, peas, corn, sm round onion, greenbeans, carrots, tomato, special seasoning, & mushrooms. Start the pot @ 4am & by lunch time, 11am dinner is served. The stew is placed in a bowl over mashed potato-good for 2 meals, meat is like butter, tender & the whole meal is eaten with a spoon, when put back in the fridge, the stew is placed in a different bowl to aid in cooling quick to prevent spoiling-steve...
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I baked a 2# loaf of wheat bread in the bread machine and it turned out great. It was supposed to be cracked wheat bread but I can't find any type of cracked wheat here except Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Bulgur, Cracked Wheat Cereal.

Soaked the wheat in boiling water ahead per the bread machine recipe.

Left all the ingredients stand in the bread machine for about 15-20 minutes, then started the machine. Letting the mix stand a while before starting the machine was recommended on some forum (lets the yeast get started, I guess.)

Had to fiddle with the dough and add water because the wheat sopped up all water. But the bread turned out great, not like typical machine bread. Nice consistency and not yeasty tasting.

Machine: Breadman Ultimate TC2200C
recipe: Cracked wheat from the recipe book for Breadman that you can download.

I use butter, salted, and did not reduce the other salt in the recipe.

King Arthur bread flour

regular yeast, not quick-rise