What would you do with a beautiful pear?

I have come into possession of a great pear diamond. Between 1.25-1.5 carat (by measurement), eye clean and H-I color. No bow tie. It's currently in a classic setting with baguettes on each side. Very engagement ring-ish!

I have a special love for pears - my first engagement ring was a .25 pear solitaire with gold bands on each side!

We will make this into a rhr - my engagement/wedding ring is a 2.09 round in a 3.75 ctw. setting - so no replacing it!

Ready to consider all options!

Ideas? Will post photos of diamond and current setting soon!


The Florentine Diamond
Have you considered a drop pendant? I know you're thinking rings, but a nice drop pendant with a sturdy chain could be lovely.
I had a ring just like that, that I bought back in the 1990s from QVC and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! Everytime I wore it, got gobs of compliments!!! Don't know what happened to it. It disappeared. I asked my oldest daughter if she "maybe" borrowed it, since she would borrow my good stuff without asking and she claims "NO". It was a beaut!! I always loved it. Hope I can find it sometime.
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Took it to my local jeweler yesterday to have the diamond set. The shank is a little thinner than I would like... his idea - I loved it - was to add a small yellow gold shank to each side of the white gold already there. I will pick it up on Wednesday. Can't wait to see it!

Thank you for the ideas! I will post pics soon!
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