What search words do you use on Ebay?

I am trying to find vintage jewelry and some of the old antique pieces on ebay. So far I have not come up with the right "wordology" to make them come up. What do you use as your search words? Thanks, Grannie
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I would search individually for pieces,for example; Genuine antique ring.
genuine vintage bracelet.

There is a lot of "tat" that comes up if you don't put "genuine" in the search!
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You use lots of possible combinations, depending what you are looking for, and you comb through a lot of reproductions and junk. There is or used to be a subset of Fine Jewelry that is split by decade. But essentially, it's gruntwork to comb through listings, if the seller hasn't used the right keywords or description. Some of them don't know what they have. Lots of diamond dealers selling new stuff use "vintage" or "antique" or "estate" (which really just means anything used, not necessarily old or from estates).

Set up several saved searches and save them for repeat use.

Using the metal name, like 14k, 18k, platinum helps. Add -plated, -clad, -overalay, and that will cull a lot of costume jewelry. -cz, -created, -cubic, etc. are good, too. Those are Boolean operators (http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/TeachingLib/Guides/Internet/Boolean.pdf):
- excludes the term follows it
+ links things together, like: 18k+diamond+estate, will only show items that meet all 3 criteria

Look at used items only is another strategy.
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And another thing I do, once the search results are displayed, is sort them from highest price to lowest. Being ebay, it usually drops pretty fast from the highest down to $6000 or less. Or, if you have a definite limit, enter a low and high range to search, over at the left of the page.