What did I find???

Hi everyone, not sure if this is a good place to post but ill give it a try.
So my wife and I just bought a new house that is 3500 sq ft, and trying to fill it with furniture has been hard.
We have started going to a lot of estate sales to find affordable pieces to add to the house, I also buy unwanted jewelry and usually sell it for the metal.
This weekend I found a David Yurman watch that I know little about. I'm smart enough to know anything with "925" is silver, and any watch with "Swiss movement" might be better than your average Seiko..
The watch is David Yurman model T209-t and is a silver bracelet, mother of pearl face, has 4 diamond hour markers, gold crown, gold bezel,. The back of the watch has a serial number followed by the model number, and it is in excellent condition. Does anyone know anything about what this is. I bought this just because of the silver, can I get more for it than just what it's worth in silver.. Thanks.. How can I post a picture??
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