wedding pics


The Florentine Diamond
holeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy moleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
so so gorgeous!!!

Did you say where this was done?? The location??
Sorry I just got so caught off by the beauty of these photos!!
Oh the ones where the dress is just flowing!! Your like a mystic mermaid!!
wow thanks ladies! this took place near play del carmen in Mexico. The photographers are amazing and they specialize in these type of photo sessions.
You should check out thier blog and wedding galleries too, they also have lots of trash the dress sessions on thier site. so many amazing photos, I knew I had to have them do mine! it was my wedding splurge.
These are the most beautiful pictures! I have never heard of trash the dress or underwater wedding pictures.

I will be checking them out for sure. I love this idea.
Oh wow, just wow.


Dress, ring, locale, you, hubby, photos...everything is just wow!

And that underwater photo is so beautiful and magical - the best I've ever seen. I hope you plan on ordering a humongous print of that for a wall at home!


simgirl, I'm so happy you shared your photographer's slide show link with us. The photos are......... um, I can't find the word...... breathtaking will have to do, even though that's an understatement.
Congratulations Simgirl!

Absolutely breathtaking photo's! What a beautiful wedding, everything is so gorgeous, you and hubby, your dress and the veil you made, your rings, the resort setting... everything. The underwater kiss photo is just awesome. Unforgettable memories of your very special day. Wishing you every happiness together.
Wow, what amazing photos!!! You are a gorgeous bride! Gosh, it makes me want to lose enough weight so I can fit in my wedding dress again and take photos like that!!!

And I LOVE your wedding rings - just stunning!