wedding pics


BTD Crown Jewel
Your dress was amazing!! The venue looked amazing!! And you looked absolutley stunning! Congratulations
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What a beautiful couple you both make and you looked gorgeous!

Your dress is so lovely and the venue looks so romantic
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OHHHHHH!!!! So Very Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures! I've been waiting and waiting to see you wearing that breathtaking veil ever since you posted it when you finished it.
And your dress is so perfect. Just lovely in every way!
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Your dress is gorgeous, and the veil was perfect. The venue was amazing. I especically loved the picture looking down the table
Congrats & best wishes always.
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YAY SIMMIE!! (Hope you remember me) Did you get married on the 4th? That is my anniversary and we have been married 22 years... So it is a good day
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Thanks everyone! this took place in Mexico, just south of Cancun. Beautiful resort called NOW Sapphire. It was an amazing 2 weeks. The wedding coordinator there was great, he thought of everything. the only decorations i had were the little blue and white votive candles I made. He took it upon himself to do all the other decorations... the seashells the the other candles etc.
I was amazed when I saw it! He even remembered to bring petals for the flower girl b/c i didn't even think about that! I guess they do a lot of weddings...

yes this was Nov 4th. and the weather was perfect. the whole time we were there it was very windy and or rainy. then last Friday the 4th, the skies cleared, and the wind died down, and that gorgeous sunset appeared. The photographer said a few days later we were very lucky as it was the first "winter" sunset that they had which was all colors. The rest before and since then had been the normal summer sunset of just white. I don't have any good shots of it yet but i'm hoping when the professional photos come back there will be. We certainly took enough!
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oh my gosh sim!!! you are so beautiful! Your wedding looked amazing! CONGRATULATIONS!!! thanks for sharing your pictures with us!
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