Wedding dress is here!!!!!!!!


The Black Orlov
oh i love it i love it i love it!!! just gorgeous on u!!! who was the chinese vendor again??? ino lots of ppl are against having their wedding dresses done in china directly, and lord knows theres enough horror stories but there are a handful that do exquisite work and u were lucky enough to find one!!!
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The Black Orlov
lol im addicted to dhgate..bought lots off there!! dont recommend it/mention to ppl tho bc u have to be certified to sort out scams from the real deal on there i think

i have to admit i got burned bad once online scam ($6 grand eek!) not on dhgate tho and am very proud to admit that of 10 or so transactions ive always been satisfied
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Wow it looks AUTHENTIC. Very well made and exactly what you were looking for. Im thinking of ordering my dress from China too. Everything is MADE IN CHINA anyway so why not take the chance? Im so thankful for you posting your pictures and seeing a real MADE IN CHINA dress. Did you supply your own measurements or order just the standard dress size? It seems to fit you perfectly. Its Amazing...
Beautiful!! Just my kinda style!! It looks great on you!
My dress kinda has the same feel. Lacey on top with a sheer-ish lacey halter, and nice a flowy on the bottom. I got mine from a Chinese vendor too!! I opted to pay a little extra to add Swarovski crystals. Can't get enough bling, hehe.
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The Millenium Star
Don't know how I missed this one either. That back is stunning!! Love the lace up deal.........

Please post pics of the big day!