Wedding dress is here!!!!!!!!


Its PERFECT!!!!!
fit is fabulous, I"m glad I went with a simpler lace pattern b/c I LOVE how it came out! it feels amazing and is light as a cloud while also being as full as I was hoping!.
I ordered it without beads but now I think I want them.... so ti think I will add a few..
OMG i'm soooo happy!
pics soon!

ok forgive my lack of grooming,, was too excited!

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BTD Crown Jewel
I'm so excited for you simgirl.... can't wait to see your gown....
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Wow, it's beautiful. I'm so happy you're thrilled. You look great in the dress too.
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Is this the dress you ordered from the Chinese vendor? It is gorgeous. I love the lace-up back. It is very sexy
I can picture you all done up w/ hair, makeup, and jewels...beautiful!
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