Wedding band made too small.


I have a question about my current wedding band. I had a engagement ring made that I had designed in the warmer months in a size 4 in the colder temps it is a little loose but never falls off and feels comfortable.

When I went back to have a wedding band made to match in the colder months the jeweler insisted I do a 3.75 . I was hesitant but agreed because I was planning to wear with my engagement band and going a little smaller helps prevent the engagement from spinning when worn together.

I went in to pick up the band and was told that they decided without my consent to make it a 3.5 size. I could get in on on the store but after wearing 30 minutes I had to remove to being much too uncomfortable and almost impossible to remove workout almost pulling my finger out of it joint.

Why would a Jeweler do this when I said in person and in email to do a 3. 75 only agreed to go to that size to help with the spinning of my size 4 ring in the colder temps. I also have a larger knuckle so that helps my engagement from ever slipping off.

I contacted the shop and they agreed to resize to a 3.75. The band is platinum in a full eternity pave setting. They claim they are scrapping it out to 3.75. Won’t this compromise the band . I have a very tiny band 1.7. Was this done on purpose to perhaps harvest extra platinum? I thought maybe if you do that to 20 rings a month that the extra metal adds up. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. My fiancé is so upset because he spent so much and now feels the ring will not be as strong . Plus it does not allow be to resize later if I was to gain weight 20 years later without further weakening the platinum band.

Dana ♥

The Centenary Diamond
For some reason, some jewelry stores will insist that your rings need to be about half a size smaller than is comfortable. i don't know why, i just know that has been happening for a very long time (at least since the 80s, but likely longer than that).
*the only time i agree with this is if the ring/band is a comfort fit style as those will often fit a little looser... but most rings/bands are not comfort fit and this has been happening for decades before that became a popular option.

there is no excuse for making a ring smaller than the size you agreed, to, though. especially for an eternity band that cannot be resized.
Hi Dana,

Thank you for your reply . I went back to the shop and they agreed it should have been made into a 3.75 . The day I picked it up I had been sick a few days earlier and the ring did go on but was still very uncomfortable. The next day when I was eating normally the ring would not come off without causing severe scraping and irritation of my skin and just wear.

The ring was a custom piece so i’m still not sure why it was made a size under what we agreed upon in writing . They said it will be resized to a 3.75 so hopefully it will look as if it is brand new without any visible signs of work. They said since it was a custum piece it has enough material that they can reduce it. They did show me a non custum ring that was much thinner. I’m hoping for the best . My fiancé is still concerned about the long term durability and the micro pave diamonds staying intact due to the resize . We are also annoyed because we were only going to do the half pave band just like my engagement ring. The shop said do the full even though my engagement ring is only a half. They said the full is better so if it spins you never see it. The ring was made so small that is was impossible to spin so that was an unnecessary extra expense. It was just frustrating when we spent a number of visits and emails confirming what I wanted the size to be.

Thanks again!!!

Dana ♥

The Centenary Diamond
at this point, i would return the piece and insist on a full refund since they did not make what you had agreed upon. and go somewhere else where they'll actually listen to you and make what you ask for.
In my view, If your wedding band is too small, you should go to a jeweler and have it sized. IT will ensure that the ring fits perfectly and looks best on your finger.