We set a date!

We have set a date for our wedding! 3-2-2013

We are going up on Monday to Santa Barbara to meet with a coordinator from http://www.santabarbaraweddingssite.com/index.cfm?fa=forbridesmaids

She offers various packages. We are going with the Romantic Getaway Package.

We are planning to get married at the Santa Barbara Historic Courthouse Mural Room.

I am really ecited to start the planning and get to see where I will become Mrs. Wheelis

What do you ladies think?
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oh my gosh, who knew a courthouse could be so gorgeous??? i LOVE IT!! congrats, its going to be beautiful
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We keep giggling thinking what our guests will think when they get the invitation. "Courthouse wedding in Santa Barbara..."
Then when they arrive, oh they will be surprised!
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I am not sure. Between 50-70 I think. My FH has a large family. He is the oldest son, and has never been married. We are putting a list together this weekend.

We wont be having a traditional reception. We will have a dinner, hopefully at our favorite Mexican restaurant up there.
We have a very strict budget we are trying to stay within.

Edited to add: Our planner has a tradition of the couple sharing there first dance shortly after the wedding at the same location. Very sweet!
How nice! Don't spend all your money on a wedding!!! You all love each other and tats what it's all about ! You have such a wonderful idea. Too bad I live in Illinois! Lol... Congrats and everything will be perfect!!!! Lastly, you must post pics!!!!


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OOO!!!!! I'm sooo happy for your two.... that's amazing... you must let us all know what you think after your meeting Monday... and I know it will be hard but just let your coordinator handle everything and it will be that much more amazing for you in the end... it'll be your day... just try to remember every little part of the process ... Congrats Doll..
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Oh, congratulations! I am so excited for you. I LOVE your idea/wedding plans, and yeah, your guests will be shocked in a good way when they arrive.
We drove up to Santa Barbara this weekend to meet with our wedding planner.
We were able to tour the Santa Barbara Courthouse, see the Mural Room and discuss all of the details.
She is checking with the courthouse to make sure our date is available and then we are set.