Warning: Possible bankruptcy of jewelsapphire.com / Mr. Wadood

Warning: Possible bankruptcy of jewelsapphire.com / Mr. Wadood

A business-partner & -friend has lost a significant sum in a gem-deal with Mr Wadood of jewelsapphire.com and came to me for help.

I’ve verified my friend’s claim in detail and seen all original documents. There is no doubt that Mr. W. has allowed money to ‘disappear’ into his UK bank account, and has refused to communicate for over eight weeks, let alone deliver the goods. A local lawyer was hired but also ignored. Next legal steps are in progress.

As a stakeholder in the e-gem-trade, I feel obliged to warn the gem-buying-public that www.Jewelsapphire.com might be on the brink of bankruptcy and that any new incoming money might disappear.

For professionals, such losses are sad but part of doing business. For the first-time e-ring buyer, however, who saved up money for a sapphire, this can be a nightmare, and ruin engagement-plans in worst cases.

Mr. Wadood’s type of conduct casts a terrible image on the internet-trade in general, and honest Sri Lankan dealers in particular.

Until he delivers the gems he has been paid for, Mr Wadood, nor any new website or ebay-shop he may start to escape his obligations, cannot not be trusted.

Rest assured that I’m not writing this lightly, and that I have double-checked all facts. Since Mr. Wadood also refuses to communicate with me in person, I know of nothing that could possibly justify his behaviour but outright fraud, and I cannot come-up with any other excusing circumstances: He is not ill, nor is his wife or children, he is not travelling abroad, or cut off from communication, but simply hangs up the phone when is confronted with the topic.

I have his contact points. Let me know via my website, if you like to ask him for an explanation yourself. It would only be fair to give him the chance to clarify what happened from his POV. If he does, I will be the first to let you know and perhaps the issue can be solved harmoniously.

If somebody be so kind, and give the folks on other forums a heads-up? Some first-time buyer there may be exactly the type of customer Mr. Wadood is waiting for.