Warning!!! Chemical Burn from shoes.

I don't get a chance to post here all that much but I just wanted to warn everyone so they won't have to go through what I am right now!! I purchased a pair of slide shoes from a payless shoe store. You know just a fun pair of shoes for summer - after a week of wearing the shoes I started to itch, then the itching got worse, so bad that I couldn't wear any shoes at all!! Then then almost overnight I got this huge red raised rash on my feet only now I know it's not a rash it's a chemical burn! I'm into my second week with these horrible burns on my feet and tonight I'm watching the news and see this woman talking about how a $2.99 pair of flip flops from Wal-Mart burned her feet- the shoes were made in China. I have the same exact looking marks on my feet! There is a void in the burn marks and now that I look at these stupid shoes it's the exact same pattern in the fabric on the shoes.
At least now I know what is wrong and I have been putting anti-biotic cream on the burns, but this is horrible and I just want people to be careful these burns are terrible and take so long to heal. The woman with the flip flops took pictures and they are SO bad. I don't rememeber where the link is but if you type "feet destroyed by wal-mart flip flops" on the net you can see her story. There is at least one other person who purchased her flip flops in July too at Walmart and had the same problem.
I just wanted to post this - I'm so afraid this will happen to someone's child or something, the trouble is how do you know this is going to happen? The shoes I bought were not from China they say US on them with paten pending.
Anyway this is very painful and I can only imagine what kind of scars I can look forward to. NO more cheap shoes for me!! I hope no one else goes through this!!

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If it were me...I would be taking pictures of my feet and contacting a product attorney. There has to be some sort of recourse for a chemical burn caused by dyes or something.

Hope you get some relief!
Oh no! I'm so sorry you're going through this, Tori! Have you seen a doctor? Maybe there's something they can give you to treat the burn.

I'm surprised that you had this problem with a pair of US-made shoes. Are they a well-known brand? It makes me wonder if they are really US-made... Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but my impression is that it's not uncommon for Chinese fakes to be marked as being made in a different country. I remember there was some problem with fake Colgate recently, that was marked as being made in South Africa, but was actually from China.

Thank you so much for posting, Tori, and please let me know if there's anything we can do to help!
Thanks for the concern! I have not seen a doctor yet because all this time I thought it was just a rash and I was trying to take care of it myself. A friend of mine who is a nurse saw my feet today and told me they look like 3rd degree burns. The anti-boitic cream seems to be helping and my friend suggested using some vitamin e on them and loading up on some Zinc. I'm going to go to the doctor on Tuesday just to make sure there is no infection.

The brand of the shoes I bought were called "predictions" all black and the bottom of the shoes has this on it U.S.L.P.6,430,844; other U.S&Forgnpats.pend.

So beware!! I'm going to look at the back of everything now!! I saw people posting on Yahoo and ripping apart the woman wearing the flip flops saying "what did she expect for $2.99 shoes? Calling her stupid and saying why did she keep wearing the shoes? Well I know what she's going through and like I said first I thought my feet were just irritated because the shoes were new and honestly when it starts it does not look bad but over time it gets progressively worse!!! If I was not keeping thick cream on my feet I'm sure they would be a LOT worse!
People would not be so judgemental if they were going through this or their child. I wore my shoes for almost 2 weeks before this happened - I remember I wore them all day the day before the rash appeared so I think that's when I finally reacted to the checmical.
Again thanks for your concern and please PLEASE be careful!! I know I'm going to think twice any time I buy anything!

Wow, I am sorry you were burned by these shoes. This is getting ridiculous! I looked up the patent and it is a US inventor and assigned to a US company; however, I would bet a million dollars that they are still made in China. It is common, even though there is a patent in the US. We have a client who we represent for a patent and he is having his product made in China. I personally have started paying close attention to where my goods are made and I will not purchase anything from there anymore. And it's hard to find things that are NOT made there.

Please let us know how you progress and I hope you are feeling better soon!
I read an article about Ann Taylor clothes that were labeled "Made in the USA," but were made in a US territory in the Pacific (I don't remember which) by mostly Chinese workers who are basically indentured servants. It saddened me that they could use that label without being held to the usual labor laws that protect US workers from exploitation.

Because the factories are not in the US proper, US labor laws do not apply. I think it might be that laws governing use of materials may also not apply to items manufactured in these territories. So basically, consumers are lied to, poor workers are exploited, and large corporations make big bucks. Yay!

I think this might be a similar situation. Outrageous.


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Oh my gosh! I am so sorry you are going through this!
I would definitely see a doctor - AND a lawyer... I hope your feet feel better soon.
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Gosh, I'm so sorry! Hope your feet get better real soon! I hope you''ve seen a doctor...burns that severe and large very easily become infected...
those shoe burn pictures really blew my mind! How awful! I can't imagine the pain you must be in. You should really see a Dr, so you don't get a nasty infection. Or scars, if it doesn't heal properly. Maybe go see a naturopath? Aloe is healing, but I think you need some strong stuff to help prevent a big problem. I hope you get better, please let us know!

VERY scary!
ez2baprincess said:
If it were me...I would be taking pictures of my feet and contacting a product attorney. There has to be some sort of recourse for a chemical burn caused by dyes or something.

Hope you get some relief!
Ditto what she said. I could really go on a rant here, but I won't. I am so militantly fed up with defective foreign goods injuring people, starting fires, causing structures to collapse, pipes to burst, causing industrial accidents, etc. Sock it to them, from the retailer all the way back the supply chain as far as you can go. If we don't hit them where it hurts, right in the wallet, they'll all go on being totally irresponsible. I'd really like to see some rioting in the parking lots, where crowds of people throw foreign products in a huge heap and set it on fire. I don't think I'd be at all heartbroken if a few Wal-Marts were ransacked and looted, either.
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Warning!!! Chemical Burn from shoes.

I believe the same thing just happened to me. May I have your email address to send you a couple of pictures of my feet?
I would like to know if they looked like yours. I bought a
pair of shoes from Walmart and wore them one day...when I took
them off before bed I noticed they were hurting and what an itch right befor they started burning. This is just on the tops of both my feet so I had hoped it would go away. All through the night I hurt to find the next morning they were both bright red like they had been burned. I was seen Satuday night in the ER for chemical burns to my feet. They are still red and hurt very much. They are wrapped up with burn cream on them and I am to see the doctor tomorrow. These shoes were also made in China. By the way I did the same thing you did...I bought antibotic cream and used it on there for a day all the while that too was making the burns worse.

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a quick note...

this thread is four years old, i don't know if the OP still visits this forum.
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Hi Tori, and Angel Vision, I am writing this in response to your posts, warning people about footwear that's being made using toxic, perhaps even deadly materials. I can't believe I actually found someone else having a problem with a shoe displaying.L.P. 6430844 on the sole! I bought a pair of black boots about four years ago at Payless Shoe Store, and ended up not wearing them until last week, when I found them In the back of my closet and wore them to work. They are cute, but after only two days of wearing them at work where there are tile floors I noticed that I was starting to slip and slide. Twice I just barely caught myself then I did fall down hard. It was like I was walking with socks on, it was so slippery. When I got home I took off the boots and looked at the soles. I couldn't believe it! Where once there was rubber just two days ago now a smooth fabric resembling felt was there, with the edges all around still remaining to be, what looked like rubber. I took out a magnifier and it said AirWalk and below it it said U.S.L.P. 6430844 and below that is said: otherUS8foriegnpatspending
I literally wore these boots a total of 16 hours before whatever fake rubber like surface wore off and left a slippery surface of felt material. Now I'd like to add at this point that I am a bi-lateral amputee, But I walk so well only a couple of people at work know and that's only because I shared it with them. My point being, if I had real feet I'd probably be burned too but just as horrible is whoever is making this stuff is nothing short of a criminal! They know they're deceiving the buyer. They know their product causes skin burns. They know their rubber is going to dissolve after a couple wears and is dangerous.
And this is a well known shoe by AirWalk. I'm pissed off. What ever happened to consumer affairs protection? Has our great nation become so self-centered, greedy, and lazy that we have become numb, with a "don't ask, don't tell me what's in my food, clothes, or products" mentality? And we wonder why cancer has become an epidemic?