Vintage wedding set restored

Mom's wedding set.

Center is new 7mm colorless VanGraff H&A CZ. I never liked this stone very much, until I put it beside a new 6.5mm Chinese White in the jeweler's shop. This VanGraff beat the pants off the CW for cut quality. The brilliance is outstanding, but there's not quite as much fire. But you can see those white flashes across the room! It's utter whiteness is perfect for a setting from this era. They cut many diamonds for more brilliance than fire back then.


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It's really pretty. I love history on jewelry...what was it set with at first, where is that stone now, and how old is this? Will you wear it, or your mom? Sorry, just really interested!
Mom will wear it. The original center was a .25ct in a peg illusion head. It's a small diamond with a positively superhuge table. Like all table.

I gave her a BTD cultured emerald for Christmas. It will be set in a pendant mounting and the orginal e-ring diamond will be mounted on the bail of the pendant.

Setting is early '50s, I think.


The Imperial Diamond
Lovely! The VG looks GREAT in that setting!!!

Can't wait to see the emerald pendant...what a nice gift!
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