Vendors you've enjoyed working with .

I have worked with a few vendors who are pretty well known here. I thought it would be fun to have a thread sharing experiences. Plus it would be fun to talk about everyone we've worked with. I worked with Less, he was very nice! He answered about a thousand questions for me. David Klass is just a darling, I wish I could put him in my pocket and carry him around with me! Sometimes I think people attack him, maybe jealousy, I don't know. In fact, on another forum JS mods are saying they like JS work more than DK. Does that make anyone else giggle? You are JS mods, no bias right?! But that's why it's great to have places where we can discuss things openly. For the record, I worked with JS too, I think Beth is a sweetheart. I had trouble with a ring they made me, the prongs kept coming loose. I actually think Battah and CBveggie (not sure of screen names, sorry!) also had problems with prongs with JS. But Beth was always so so so sweet and kept trying to fix them. So I think I've had some really great experiences, I've enjoyed working with everyone. I'm really excited about all of the jewelry options coming out, like more Amora cuts! So since I know I will be expanding my collection, I thought it would be fun to share who we worked with and think about some of the things we will all be buying in the future to grow our own collections. Definitely Amora asscher for me, I'm emailing jewelers right now for quotes!
I've worked with Moissco when I first got here. I worked with David Klass too. He is my favorite for sure, he is really kind and talented- definely a go to vendor for many here, Pricescope, and even celebrities. I worked with JS too, Beth is very nice.
I have high end pieces from both (3 JS, 2 DK - soon to be a 3rd from him) - I don't work for either in any capacity. I think DK's work is just as detailed and refined as JS.
I've worked with HeartofWater on Etsy for a custom ring, Sally is awesome to work with. She is super sweet. I have worked with David Klass on many projects at this point and don't plan on changing to another jeweler. I think that kind of sums up my feelings for his customer service
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When I first came to the boards I was looking for a vendor that didn't make mistakes. I think for me the key was realizing that with all vendors I've used, sometimes things go back for tweaks and that's ok. The key is how a vendor handles that. I've Amcor, JS, and DK fix teeny things after rings get made. No one is perfect, but how flexible and kind is the vendor- kwim?
I have had projects done with David Klass, JS, Amcor, and Erica at Love Affair Diamonds. I am happy with all my pieces. A custom piece at JS did not come to fruition although they were very willing to make it right, but it just did not work out in the end.
I have worked with, but in the future will not return. I have never had a problem with the jewelry I received from them, but sometimes the customer service is lacking.

I have placed only one order with Btd which was for my AG. The order went smooth and I like how quickly the fulfill and ship your products.

Next, I would love to work with David Klass in the future, but I have a local jeweler that always seems to have what I need.


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I've worked with Wink at High Performance Diamonds from the time he had a brick and mortar store to the present. I love that if I call him, he picks up the phone to say "hello" and chat. I've had lots of rings made with Wink's CZs, Ashas, moissanites, and diamonds done is stock settings from Stuller and Adwar to high end designers such a Vatche. I couldn't ask for better, personalized service and quality work.
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I've worked with Wink (on loose stone purchases/potential custom cuts back when they still had their cutter) and David Klass for custom work. I'd highly recommend both.

Though I didn't end up purchasing from Schubach's, both Beth and JCent were phenomenal to work with when I was designing and planning my ering.
I have never tried JS, but some of the pieces I have seen done on here are absolutely beautiful!! I always work with DK and am always a very happy and satisfied customer. He doesn't mind when I call him or send a gazillion emails. He is so patient and kind. He is so gracious and his generosity and willingness to make a customer happy is phenomenal! At least that's how I feel. Everybody has their own standards of what makes them happy and I can say DK has made every purchase an exciting one for me.
When I was looking for my E-Ring I had originally reached out to Moissco and asked them a million questions. They were amazing to deal with, but I ended up deciding to go the custom route because there were so many details from different rings I liked and wanted to combine on my ring.

I then dealt with Better Than Diamond to order my Asha- that went perfectly, and then I contacted David Klass and he was an absolute dream. He just understood me and he always answered me right away. My ring was more than I could have expected and I'm so thrilled with how it came out and how no one else has my ring. Since then I have sent my ring back to him for cleaning and just to replace one side stone I slammed my hand down and it fell out and he evened out the ring for me. Good as new!

In March I bought an Amora gem that I wasn't crazy about for various reasons and sent it back. BTD was amazing during the entire transaction, and about 3 weeks ago I bought another Amora that was a keeper and again, they were amazing. I reached out to DK to ask him to set my stone and he is in the process of setting my Amora.

I couldn't be happier with my transactions with BTD and David Klass. I highly recommend them.