Vendor-related issues


Please have the courtesy, to yourself, to the vendors involved (whether board recommended or otherwise), and to all members of this board, to contact them personally and privately to resolve any issues you may encounter. Public airings are unnecessary, unwarranted, and subject to immediate removal.

Should your issue fail to reach a reasonable and satisfactory conclusion, you are welcome to post a factual account of your experience in the 'Avoid these online merchants' forum. The vendor may then be contacted for an opportunity to post a factual rebuttal/share their account of the experience.


The Black Orlov
If you have questions about your personal order from one of the vendors here on our boards, please CONTACT THE MERCHANT DIRECTLY and DO NOT post in the forum. Please help the mods out by keeping the boards as clutter free as possible! Thank you!


The Millenium Star
Bumping to remind members that vendor related issues are NOT to be handled in the vendor forums.

Thank you
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