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we got SO MUCH useful information from !

we stayed at Ballys, on the strip, and it was gorgeous. i explored some of the other hotels and really wasn't as impressed (for their cost) as i was with Ballys... so whenever we get to go back, we'll stay there again. plus we could see the Bellagio's fountains from our hotel window!

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can i be ridiculous and share some pictures?

first, here's CheapoVegas's review of Ballys, and what convinced us that it was where we wanted to stay:

daylight view out our window :

that's the Eiffel Tower outside Paris, and part of the Bellagio's fountain pool.

and the room. i LOVED this room. so much. srsly.

this is about a third of the room we had:

jacuzzi tub plenty big enough for two, possibly big enough for four. nearly the size of a full-sized bed, i kid you not.

equally huge shower - with a seat, and a heated/steam option - behind the half wall with the painting behind the tub.

mirrored sliding closet doors on both left and right walls, left hand side has well-lit vanity area and a counter with a sink.
right hand side has another sink, and the water closet (which was kinda tiny, actually, but not badly so.

honestly the worst things i can say about Ballys is that the in-room water closet was small (in our room. in the less fancy rooms it was more typical hotel room sized - where the shower/sink/etc is all in one room) and that the vending machines all only had Pepsico products. thank heavens for friends who went out and bought me some Coca~Cola as a wedding gift!

these pictures are just about four years old now, but i doubt things have changed much.
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nikkikeith said:
wow the room looks gorgeous dana!
it really was. s'why i had to take a picture of that end of it, 'cuz it was SO NICE.
we splurged a bit and got the fancier room 'cuz it was for our wedding and all, but it was sooo worth it.
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Elf, the hotel rates mainly depend on the day of the week. We went to Vegas twice, and we booked at Excalibur right on the Strip (next to Luxor on one side and New York New York on the other). We had to book at least a month in advance and stay on Sun, Mon, Tue or Wed night. It was USD 42 per room per night after tax (king size double room for 2). The rates were way higher for Thu, Fri and Sat nights.
You can have a great buffet breakfast at Luxor for like $15, and if you want to have your breakfast late it can also be your lunch.

Also, if you like hiking make sure you visit Zion NP, which is about 3 hours drive north of LV on I15. It's fantastic for hiking and canyoneering.
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