Valentia Setting for Flanders Cut?

Hi Les! I was wondering if you have a Valentia Setting in the works for the Flanders Cut Asha? I think this fresh, modern cut would look great in this fresh, modern setting! Anyone else?


Staff member
Hi LuvAsha,
<br>We have done one already, a Valentia for the 3ct. Asha, but have not had time to make one up for photos - you are correct that the clean lines of the Valentia looked great with the Flanders. Will do so shortly, we are just behind on keeping up with things. I also owe some photos of a trellis ring with a 1ct. round, so will try to get them both same time. We'd like to also make a valentia for the 1.5ct flanders, but all in time :)
<br>Thanks for the posts, keep them coming!