Updated rules for Vendors/Reps on the Forums


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Vendors may link to a specific item on their site that is for sale in response to a posted question or in announcing new items they are carrying, in their forum. Any discussion of selling by a vendor needs to be done on their forum and needs to be taken to IM, email or phone call.

1. In the Jewelry forum, a poster asks about a 6 prong solitaire setting. Vendor may state he/she carries it and to please call or email for specifics.

2. In vendor's own forum, same question is posted about a 6 prong solitaire. Vendor may link to item on the site and ask poster to call or email to discuss it.

3. In vendor's own forum, vendor may post about new items being carried, with links to items on vendor's site.

4.Vendors and reps may post their own items for sale on the Diamond Bistro like any forum member, but not in the vendor forum. The same rules apply for selling anywhere else on the forum, such threads will be deleted and can lead to a ban.

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