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BTD Crown Jewel
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have removed the AmoraGem catagory from the WinkCZ site. Rather than risk confusion with stones being both WinkCZ and AmoraBridal (our site dedicated to Amora Gems), we've removed the catagory and will only have the Amoras on Amorabridal.

Earlier this afternoon, a bunch of already sold Amora Gems suddenly popped up on the WinkCZ site, and one of them wound up getting sold. Thankfully the client was understanding, and wound up choosing the 1.15ct we have in stock, but with the cutter for WinkCZs being retired we won't be putting anything new on that site.

We still have quite a stock of WinkCZs, and a comprehensive list (which I just updated) is available here:

In-House Inventory | WinkCZ | WinkCZ

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