Two Little Disco Balls

Well, I've definitely caught the diamond alternative fever, but I'm overwhelmed with options and research. I want a pair of round studs, but I'm not sure whether I should choose Amora Gem, Forever One Moissanite, or something else.

I'm hoping for super-sparkly. I mean I want my ear lobes to throw off so much dazzling fire and brilliance you couldn't see my face in between. I do not want any green or yellow cast. What kind of stone should I be looking for?

Also, please could someone educate me about which earring back is my best choice -- friction, screw, or locking?

Thank you! I know these are noobie questions but I need help to find just what I'm dreaming of.
No questions are bad questions! With all the new moissanite out there there is so many to choose from, but from my experience and I am sure others will come on and agree if sparkle is what you want then you want colorless Forever One stones or "F1's" around here. F1's are cut to best maximize moissanite's material, however the catch here is that their quality control basically sucks, so you should either educate yourself to be able to spot an excellent cut or have someone hand pick the two stones for your studs for you. You can take it one step further and purchase certified/graded F1's from Fire and Brillance, but the do come at a premium in price.

As for more expensive studs most go with screw on.

There are some here beholden to the protektor or la pousette locking backs but they are expensive and need special posts I believe

and I have seen another brand Chrysmela Catch but these are pricey at $50 but they work with any type of post.

I personally cannot handle putting the threads through the holes in my ears because I only wear them during the day and take my earrings on and off and since my studs are only .5 ct each and not too big, I just use the small butterfly back that came with my earrings and then I push on a little rubber stopper behind it and I have not lost mine yet.

If you are getting larger studs then I highly recommend jumbo backs because it really done help stabilize the stud and make them look better.

Hope this helps!
Thank you for your graciousness and answers to my questions, Brit. One major follow-up question: to whom should I turn to request hand-picking of the stones? Is this something Moissanite Company does, or the famous Poppyseed?
I think either would do good by you. Poppy has gotten great stones for me in the past and I know others have gotten great service from MoCo as well!
I would buy from MoCo as they screen every stone to insure that the cut is the best before they let them out the door.I'm delighted with all the stones I have bought from them.Buy with confidence :)

I agree,F1's are the most sparkliest stones you will ever see......& no yellow at all!


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I prefer jumbo backs on everything, as opposed to locking backs. The locking backs are impossible with nails and never tight enough for me, and the jumbos stop my earrings from falling forward. Just my preference though. :)
They're here! My two little disco balls have arrived!

Thanks to the advice on this forum, I ordered 1.5 ctw (2 x .75) Forever One studs four-prong martini set in white gold from Moissanite Company. I'm immensely pleased with their sparkle, and I think they're just the right size.

I had a tough time getting photos of them for you. Ears are weird. Taking pictures of ears is even weirder. But it's enough to give you the idea of the fire and brilliance of these stones. Both photos were taken outdoors in winter sunlight.