Two Birch Jewelry, LOVE!

I happened upon a website called that sells CZ and sterling wedding and engagement rings, including curved bands and wraps / jackets which you don't see a lot in CZ and sterling. Their selection of engagement rings isn't huge, but their rings are beautiful. The actual website was a little odd, but I found them on Amazon and they were very prompt in returning my emails so I bit the bullet and ordered a ring I'd been eyeing. It's beautiful!! It's every bit as good if not better than my rings from Berricle and their prices were reasonable too! I haven't found anything about them anywhere, so I figured I'd make a post about them! Here's a link to a post I made in WB about it. The three stone is the new ring, the halo is the old one from Berricle. What do you think??
Love the new one! The old one is very nice too! Lol you make me want to look and see if I can find one.
I think the three stone looks absolutely lovely on your hand.
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Thanks! Almost 2 weeks later, and I'm still completely in love with it...AND I managed to find one that is similar on MoissaniteCo so when I'm ready to take the plunge I won't have to change the style
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Two Birch?

Has anyone heard of this company? I'm looking for a simple 1ct round solitaire in sterling to wear for a couple of years, and found them on Esty. I've tried QVC, Berricle, HSN, and others, but no one has a 1ct.