Trying to Find a E-Ring Design Similar to This...

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similar but has a single shank, not a split shank

Take a look at that whole 3 stone section. Maybe there is an alternate that would work even if it's not the same as the Jaffee.
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eta: If the three stones are large, and the wearer has a small ring size, it may not even be worthwhile to spend the extra money for diamonds in the shank. Or you might only need diamonds for a short distance down the top portion only. Personally, I prefer the uncluttered look of a plain shank or single shank to the split shank with all the small stones.
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The two side diamonds are what drive the price of that setting up, along with split shank and the A. Jaffe designer label. We do custom designs, and I can tell you that using similar sized diamond side stones would put the pricing up over $4,400 in 14k. If you can wait til summer when the smaller Amora Gems are produced, or contemplate using gemstones such as sapphires or rubies on either side of the center, it would save quite a bit of money.
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