Many years ago I posted about some reccommended jewelry sellers on eBay and found David Klass along with a few other ladies way back. I posted about him and I will post about another seller now that made me a fabulous ring for someone that knows little on how to get something customized. The gold was substantial and well made. The setting was customized to fit the diamond. Michael's communication was spotless and the prices he offered were great. I ordered an item in 18k yellow instead of white and it arrived perfect. He even engraved the inside for my friend. I liked the ring so much that I will have one made and the guy that asked me for help also is making one for his mother.
I say all of this because I know that many of you, like me, love to send a picture and get that ring made for our stones. I trust this merchant with the items he has for listed on eBay and to customize. His prices and communication are great so this is another gem I have found in the world of getting a project done. I thought I would share this with you all.

Information on seller: TDJ jewels