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I don't know if this is allowed but I just had to give a shout out to Kara of Tradecraft on Etsy. I purchased a 2mm sterling knife edge to try and it came a bit small. In doing another search yesterday I found a new listing for the same band in 2.6mm that would actually suit me a bit better than the 2mm. I emailed her about the smallness of the 2mm and asked about maybe an exchange +$ for a 2.6mm since it was more expensive. My last message to her was 6:30 last night with the exact size in mm I wanted and she shipped the 2.6mm to me TODAY! Now that is Customer Service!

I have to acknowledge businesses like this because it is the same way I built my businesses reputation, by offering this level of outstanding customer service and my customers going out of their way to post about me on internet forums. So I am paying it forward, best kind of advertising in the world.
I have a 1.25 round 6 prong solitaire from her and love it! Such a high quality stone it gets heaps of compliments. the setting is very thin but i love it.
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I think you'll be really happy which items did you go with?
I also bought my mum a ring and she loves it
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That's great Sparkling Vols! And I am glad you like her too SugarCloud. My band will not be delivered until Tuesday, but I am super excited. I am trying to find that sweet spot as far as size, my hand swell, and I have come to the conclusion that I like my rings kind of floppy. Bless her heart, she is doing everything to make sure it is perfect fit.
Hi. My name is Vols and I love sparkles.

I ordered a 3rd ring (3 stone) after messaging with Kara today. There was a ring I was on the fence about and after a slight adjustment (center stone shape), it's exactly what I wanted.

It'll be H&A center stone ~ 2.5ct with 2 sapphires on the size at about 0.5 ct each.
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I also wanted to say that the jewelry from Tradecraft is beautiful and such great quality. My boyfriend bought me cz OEC light yellow earrings from Kara, and they are gorgeous! Not only are the earrings beautiful, but her communication and customer service with him was spot on! Also, the packing/presentation of the earrings is impressive. Not to mention that she even included a jewelry polishing cloth to use down the road

I am very impressed by Tradecraft (Kara), so I wanted to pass it on as well!
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When my FDIL was having a difficult time deciding on the size of centre stone, I ordered a couple of solitaires in different sizes from Tradecraft to help her decide. The prices are reasonable and the quality is really good! Shipping was fast. I highly recommend them.