Tiny moissanite cracking??

Hi all, I've heard that moissanite under 2mm in size has a tendency to crack. Has anyone ever had this experience? The ring I'm looking to set them in is partly bezel, partly prong.

I've seen a bunch of threads saying that moissanite is brittle and that all stones can crack over time, especially in an eternity-type setting. But I'm looking to hear about whether this has happened to anyone with very small stones.

I don't know but I have not heard of it happening - and moissanite is almost as hard as a diamond...but hopefully one of the board jewelers can chime in :0)


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Moissanite is cut with a thin girdle, especially anything older than 6-12 months, and we have found that it does have a tendancy to chip to crack in certain settings. The newer cutting is better in larger stones, but I am not sure about melee. A shared prong band for example, where a lot of the stone is exposed, would have a greater chance of this. An eternity would also make this more likley. On a positive note though, these size stones are pretty affordable to replace if one gets broken.

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it has been a while but i remember several threads of folks who had Moissanite eternity bands and partial-eternity bands who had stones get cracked or shatter internally (and end up looking cloudy).
Dana, I found those threads but there didn't seem to be much of a resolution. The ring I want is David Klass's floral band:

The flowers and leaves are prong set, and the circles are bezel. It's not full eternity, but it at least has a plain flat part with no stones on the bottom and it doesn't look like a lot of the stone is exposed like with a typical eternity band. This is going to be my wedding ring, so I would be wearing it pretty much daily -- maybe I'm just worrying too much?
Those rings by David Klass are diamond. He recommended to me when he made my ring to avoid Moissanite melee. At the size of those stones diamond is just as cost effective, IMO.

Edit: the top ring by David also has pink sapphires. I've seen it in person, it's beautiful!
Yes, David was the one who mentioned the cracking issue to me. But I'm trying to avoid the ethical stickiness of diamonds, so I asked about moissanite. I don't know what other white stone would last and provide the sparkle. :-\

MissKK, does that mean you got to visit the kangaroos??


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Anything bezeled is more durable, but when I got my pink band I ordered 3 extra stones to save, just in case some got damaged at some point. Even diamond eternities can get a bit banged up after time.

rockstep, if you really want moissy, I would go for moissy! But just keep in mind, you may need to replace a stone every once in a while.
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Thanks, jcent! After doing some more internet research, it seems like nobody offers ethical melee-sized diamonds.
So it's either moissanite, questionable diamonds, or something else entirely. It looks like moissy's the only real option left, since I'm sort of set on sparkly white stones...
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I don't think that is true. BTD, as an example, uses ethically sourced melee. I believe it comes from Australia.
Sorry, I meant that I couldn't find any ethical diamond sellers that offered melee-sized loose stones by themselves. But if anyone knows of any sellers that do, please let me know!


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ohhh, I gotcha ya. Maybe whoever is making your ring can source them.
Most vendors know where their diamonds come from.
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