Time to replace my Asha, cant find a jeweler!

I have owned a platinum Cartier 1921 ring for 10 years now. Since I wear this daily as my e-ring, it is time to replace the Asha.

I have not been able to find a jeweler who will take this on and BTD has not responded to any of my emails.
I was debating an Asha or an Amora but fear I might have to look for a natural stone in order to find someone to set it. I can go the natural route, just really don't want to.

Any suggestions for a jeweler who is reputable who could reset my ring with an Asha or Amora?


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Thanks for the post. One reason we have the boards as well as our FB page is to make sure we have backup communication channels. Email is not always reliable unfortunately esp for users with Yahoo email addresses.

To your issue - if this is a daily wear ring I'd say it's a great time to upgrade to either Amora or Phoenix Moissanite over Asha, as both will provide more of a lifetime stone.

What size/shape is this for?

Re: setting - any jeweler can set an Amora or Phoenix. A few years ago we saw issues with some jewelers, but over the past few years the snobbishness has basically disappeared as more and more customers have alternative gems.

Obviously we can set it but IDJewelry in NYC, Wink of WinkCZ.com, EmmaParkerDiamonds.com and others are all able to set Amoras and Phoenix.

Ultimately I don't think getting a jeweler, even just a local one, should pose any issue for setting a new Amora or Phoenix.

Hope that helps,


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*Note - I see Dana has sent you email directly from our customer service system as well after not finding any tickets from your email address.