Tim Chestnut timchest363 SCAMMER

[email protected] timchest363
Contacted me regarding one of my listings. As convos started he kept asking me to text him. I told him I would email...not text. Something was off about him. He kept asking questions like....how much....when price is in listing. Can I pay via PayPal....when there is a PayPal button. What is my PayPal info....I told him the pay button takes him to PayPal. This might all sound normal...but it wasn't...you see....he didn't want to use that button. I believe he wanted to send one f those fake generated paypal emails. If he used the pay button it would have made him log in. Then he goes on to say that he will want them insured so he will add money for insurance agent...and that he didn't have cash so would send via PayPal? Um...made no sense. I marked item sold...and told him I no longer wish to sell. Just wanted to warn others just in case....but my alarms were all going off.