tiffany style "hugging" prong head

I noticed that you will be offering a "tiffany style 'hugging' prong head" for the new tiffany beveled solitaire. What does this head look like? I've tried to find a reference to it elsewhere without luck. Thanks!


HI WashingtonBride,

The Tiffany hugging head is being cast right now, we'll have some photos of that style taken this weekend for you. First head is for larger stones, but it will show you what it looks like

I'll put the photo on this thread (as well as on the main site of course) when they are ready!

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Hi WashingtonBride,
<br>Finally got the hugging prong head photos for you. This photo is of a 3.5ct head, so don't let the size fool you :) but it should give you an idea of the feel. There is a groove carved into each of the prongs on the sides, which you can partially make out in the photo.
<br>Feedback on this new prong head appreciated!

Will a ring with the 'hugging' prong head allow a traditional wedding band to sit flush against it or will it cause a gap? I have noticed that a lot of low-set head require special wedding bands.