Those "moissanite" from India


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I ordered a blue one, it is color coated, but it is moissanite (took it to have it tested at a reputable jewelers in town), it was about $90 with free shipping for an 8mm, which I thought was pretty good.
Very sparkly, not 100% sure how I'll set it yet though.
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I purchased a few at a very nominal price. They were the "off white". One had a green tint and the other yellow. Not too bad for the $25 I spent on them. Not sure I am going to use them for anything though. Here is a quick video of them.

From top to bottom:
6.4mm Off White Yellow Tint India Moissanite
5mm C&C Forever Brilliant Moissanite
6.9mm Off White Green Tint India Moissanite

7mm Asha D Color
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I bought from users gemstoneworld7 and jewelmart7 but they are the same company. I think the bulk of them, if listed from india, are coming from the same place. Also I forgot to add both of my stones were sold as VVS1 clarity. Personally seeing what I was sent I would not consider anything less than VS.

I will add that I am kind of curious to see what a chocolate brown stone would look like. I may get another on of those to look see.

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FYI some of those sellers are using pictures of diamonds (particularly photos of gorgeous stones from DBL) instead of real photos of the stones they're selling.
I'm resurrecting this thread because I'm a sucker for a deal, and can't find a lot of info on stones from India. I've also not been on here much if at all.

I bought 2 moissy stones off ebay, one listed as colored and one listed as off white. The colored one is 11.44 mm and I love it, however it does have "silk" through it that was way more visible before I had it set. Now that it's set the silk is hardly noticeable, I'm very good at seeing flaws with my super vision. Also, because it was listed as a VVS, they refunded half of the price when I told them about the silk. The slight almost invisible silk (that remains visible) looks more like a laser line in a diamond treated for imperfections, and overall gives the stone a bit of character. Because it has slight internal flaws it does look like a diamond, where as most people have an understanding that because moissy is simulated it will be flawless like a cz is. I expected the double refraction to be more of an issue with Indian stones, but it's on par with US stones and exactly what's expected of a moissy.

The stone sent to me as off white would be a beautiful light green stone with lots of fire if it wasn't so badly cut. The table is over 70%! Who the heck cuts stones like that? It's such a shame to have such a horrific cut on an otherwise good stone. They gave up all it's fire. Just a big splintery gaping "hole" in the center of the stone. They gave a full refund plus return shipping.

The stones are a gamble so don't expect it to be delivered for a shotgun wedding timeframe. Also, they really do care about the feedback, so talk to them and ask for refunds or returns. It could take some investing to have several stones sent to you, and then possibly the return shipping for the ones that don't cut it, but in the long run they are waaaaaaay cheaper than other moissy stones, yet the quality does reflect it.

I love my colored stone, it's a grey/green/yellow, and about 5ct of super sparkle. I really do love it, and we have given it the nickname of "The Arkenstone". It's captivating and just pulls you into it, plus now I might have a bit of "Dragon Fever" and feel an intense need to hoard more gems... But I digress... If you are going to buy from India, go for color. The ones listed in the white range won't be white. Just my view, but like diamonds, the washed out faint colors of green just aren't as nice as the deeper colors. Also anything more than $20 a ct is most likely over paying, send them a counter offer instead or agree on a partial refund if it doesn't live up to it's title. The color ranges of green, grey, yellow, and brown are mostly native colors, and many places can show you a picture of the slab it was cut from. The colors like blues and pinks have been treated, and I have never in all my hours of research on the subject, have seen a review about how long or well the color treatment lasts.
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Thanks for sharing your experience! I am currently waiting for 2 to come in: a 3 carat black that was a whopping $1, and a medium blue, 1 carat that was $12. If they look decent, I'll be putting them in some fun little sterling settings.
Thanks for the pics. I have had a lot of these companies contact us. However every time I have seen actual pics of the stones I lose interest. The cutting is pretty inferior to the C&C Moissanites (not to mention they can't make white stones).
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