The only thing I have from my dad is his ring


A couple of months ago my father passed away and the only thing I have from him is his ring that he wore for at least 24 years (I'm 24). Somehow I've never asked him about it even though he always had it on his finger and he also had a habit to touch it and play with it whenever he was stressed. I decided that I'm gonna wear it so a part of him can always be with me, but it's killing me that I don't know anything about it or what it meant to him. I tried searching on google some infos about the model but had no luck so here I am asking if anyone knows anything about this ring. Where was it made? What is the meaning of the symbol/engraving? Is there a way to tell how old the ring is? I think that the ring used to have a gemstone at some point right on top of that circle. Also I'm from eastern Europe , so there might be a bigger chance that it has its origin around here.

The stamp faded a little bit, but I think it says 585.
Thank you!


Dana ♥

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585 is equivalent to a 14kt stamp, so that's the metal mark.
based on the hole there, i'd say there was probably either a cabochon or some enamel there... the round indentation making me think one of those instead of a faceted stone likely more pointy on the bottom.
the starburst looks like what's left of a diamond-cut starburst... i remember seeing patterns like that frequently in the late 80s and early 90s. i have a few pieces from that time with that sort of look - when new, the diamond cuts were very sparkly, but with age they simply look like carved out design elements.

i have a ring that was my Dad's, too... although i am lucky enough to have the whole story about how it came to be given to him. he only wore it on special occasions, so now i wear it when i need a little extra love.