The little prince...


The Millenium Star
Our baby boy Ezra was born Friday June 4th at 8:21 pm. 8lb 3oz 21in long. We are all doing well!

I hope to have some pics to show soon! We are in complete
with him and big sister thinks he is so cute and soft.
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Congratulation!!! What wonderful news! Take care of yourself and your new little one.
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The Black Orlov
how lovely! There is nothing more fantastically awe inspiring than birth no matter how it happens. Congratulations, love the name, can't wait for photos!


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Awwww, Congrats!!! Nothing more precious than newborns! Glad to hear everyone is doing fine and can't wait to see pics!!

He has the same birthday as my oldest! But, she's not cute and cuddly anymore, she turned 16 Friday
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