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Hi all,
Its Friday and time for another weekly update.

With the debut of the Amora lab gem (click here if you haven't seen it), I figured it was time to start a new thread/chapter for the blog to make it easier to follow.

Plus, it will be refreshing to continue the blog without withholding that minor detail that we were working on a lot more than just a new H&A cut

Very glad to see the positive response to our future product and one that will likely become our biggest product by far. We are working on finalizing production parameters and moving into actual production, but there is still some work there to be done. But at least now you know what is coming

One thing to clarify is that we'll continue to offer the 'Amora Enhanced Moissanite' for a while for those customers who may have to wait until 2015 before the Amora gem is available to them.

Thus, in 2012 we will have:
1 - Amora Gem (H&A rounds, etc)
2 - Amora Enhanced Moissanite (color improved moissanite by C&C)

After 2015, which is when their patent on 'silicon carbide gems' expires, the Amora Enhanced will be discontinued since I have no interest in putting money into C&C's pockets, and we'll only offer the Amora Gem.

Hardness testing for Amora gem - one topic I'll mention that may be of interest. We have gotten access to a large University's nanoindentation equipment, and that was how we were able to determine the exact hardness of the Amora gem (23% harder than sapphire).

We're hoping to be able to eventually test a number of gems and publish that as a paper in the future b/c the use of the Mohs scale is a pet peeve of mine...the Mohs scale is not used in Materials science b/c it is not a linear scale, nor is it very accurate, and was designed simply as a quick test for use in field geology in the 1800's. Under Mohs hardness, sapphire is 9 and diamond is 10, but sapphire is *not* 90% as hard as is 30% as hard. So it leads to a lot of confusion.

By comparison, in nanoindentation testing - Diamond is 100 GPa, Sapphire is 30 the 30% as hard is very evident. And glass is 3-5 GPa (based on what ingredients added while making)...which now lets you see why Diamond Nexus claiming their 'revolutionary stone' cuts glass means about nothing.

Anyway, I figure its a bit like blending materials science into gemology and time for gemology to step into the current century...

On other news - the keylight test samples have arrived! These are the small keychain lights we did the poll on a few months back...they arrived with the Mira logo proudly engraved. So, great thing that we did not proceed with production on those yet or we'd have a few thousand Mira keychain lights to ship with the Amoras.

It looks like the keylights do what we want, which is to provide immediate lighting to view the brilliance of your Amora Moissy or future Amora gem. Thus, we'll have to finalize what type of keychain attachment to go with it (swivel, clip-on, etc) and see if they can put our new Amora logo on it and then we'll get those underway.

The Hungarian Natural History Museum did receive their display Amora H&A gem on Monday and they emailed that it was 'gorgeous' and were very happy to have it. They are working furiously on finishing up the display and I believe it opens on 11/15. After things settle down I'll see if they can take some photos of the display and we'll get those posted out for you to see it.

On other news:
1 - We'll have a large restock of Amora enhanced Moissanite rounds next week, including some of the sold out sizes. That will likely be the last restock before the holidays.

2 - We have a large batch of Asha H&A rounds in coating now, and those should finish up within the next week to week and a half. That will allow us to restock a number of sold out round sizes as well for the Asha H&A.

3 - We're going to expand our trademark filings for the Amora name into China and Hong Kong since I expect both will be large markets after 2015.

Anyway, thanks for the postive feedback from the Amora H&A gem debut. I'm excited about the Amora gem because its the first time we've been able to make a gem from the ground up - both Asha and the Amora enhanced were enhancements to existing gems (CZ and Moissanite by C&C) but this is a rare chance to really pull out all the stops and have a gem that is completely ours (and hopefully yours in the future

Have a great weekend,
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Excellent and very exciting Less!

I was wondering, next year, for those with mailboxes in non-patented countries, can we get a setting from Moissco with our Amora in it or can we order BTD rings/loose stones only?

I would really like a legacy repro with an Amora in it as a sister to my ering (so I can switch between the two :))

I can ship to NZ.
Congrats Less! What a beautiful stone! When you have a chance, could you please PM me with contact info? I'd like to become an Amora reseller in the near future.
Wow , Less this is amazing news!
I am not sure if this has been asked - regarding the F color, is that the only color option for the Amora? Will you be offering a warmer color option?? (Fingers crossed here!!)
Am really impressd you have been able to get an F color !!


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Hi all,
Its Friday and time for another weekly update!

This week was of course the first week after the Amora debut and a lot of this week was really about 'back to business' on things that were delayed working towards the debut.

But, first updates on the Amora gem:

The Museum exhibit did open (Nov 15th) so I'm hoping we'll get a photo or two next week, ideally in time for next weeks update.

There was a lot of discussion regarding Amora gem vs. moissanite and clarifying that both Moissanite and Amora gem are different crystal structures, though both are composed of Silicon and Carbon.

The easiest example of this effect of crystal structure using the same elements is that of carbon - one crystal type is graphite, one is diamond...very different properties yet both are composed of carbon.

Anyway, to further help cement this, I'm enclosing two TEM (atomic level) images. This literally shows the atoms in the Amora gem structure and another crystal type of Silicon carbide...and I think will help show you how you can have two crystals that both use silicon and carbon.

Amora gem atomic level image:

Different polytype of silicon carbide:

Anyway, hopefully this lets you 'see' literally how at the atomic level the structure is very different...even though both are made of silicon and carbon.

That aside, the big focus this week was on starting the setup for production and sale of Amora gem. And, we tried a different growth option that did not work out, so that has led us to a big fork in the road.

Namely, is it better to get limited production underway sooner, or hold off and setup such that we could launch with about 10x the production volume. In other words limited availability sooner, or fuller availability later.

The lean right now is strongly towards delaying the launch longer so that we can have significantly more Amora volume available. Part of this is because the initial demand was strong enough that we've had intl dealers offering to buy our entire monthly production which of course would be very frustrating I am sure for retail we either ration (which means we get all kinds of emails explaining why they should be part of the 'rationed allocation' list or we simply hold off until we can launch with a large enough supply to better satiate demand).

We'll know more on this in the next two weeks, but for now, the launch date is going to be measured in months and not weeks as some people have asked.

There was some coverage of the Amora debut on some various luxury blogs and at least one article noted that the Amora gem could soon become one of the most sought after gems. However, they then stated that BTD had "learned from DeBeers" and was restricting supply under the guise of production difficulties.

Anyway, to clarify, the production issues are very real, not something cleverly designed to 'drive up demand' and that is what we have to resolve now.

On other news:
1 - We had a very large Asha restock for both princess and rounds. This restocked a number of sold out sizes except for 7.5mm (1.5ct) which are in cutting now.

2 - We have completed almost all of our model rings and these will start to be put out for sale at least over the next week (including the Regal and Helen of Troy ring).

Have a great weekend,
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Less, promise me you'll save some Amora gems for your ladies here at BTD since we may have to wait until 2015.....I'm going to be beyond upset if I can't get one when they come out because they are in too high of demand!
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Less, at the risk of mutiny, I say wait and do it properly- it will mean us all driving you nuts for a little while longer
but getting the process right and then being able to get all the shinies we like/need/MUST HAVE has to be better than having such a limited supply of stones that most of us will miss out anyway.

We want these Amoras, and we'll have them forever, so if it means waiting a little longer, I'm sure with the right combination of valium and wine we'll be ok!!
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I am NOT a patient person, but I agree that patience is the best way here. It would be better to have a delayed, but perfect launch than a rushed but not so good one. Besides, since it looks like I'll have to wait until 2015 to get one, I'm really just sitting on the sidelines here.
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Hi all,
Its Wednesday...but due to the US Thanksgiving holiday, today is technically an end of the work week. So, time for a short weekly update

We are proceeding with the plan to redo things in order to ensure a higher volume of Amora's once we launch. (And thanks to the feedback on that decision from those who posted earlier).

Thus, the launch of the Amora gem won't happen until some point in 2012.

But we are working very hard on this and we'll have more updates as the launch gets closer and more defined.

Also, the new gem exhibit at the Hungarian Natural History Museum opened on 11/15, but due to a delay in the 'center column display' arriving, the Amora/Jack Hills Zircon display is not actually ready.

My impression is that they are making this display a separate island type display that will be near the entrance to the entire gem exhibit. They are expecting it will be ready within two weeks and in the interim, they were kind enough to send a few photos from the overall new gem exhibit, which are below:

On other news:
1 - The Regal ring is finally available. This is our new Tiffany reproduction with the surprise diamond and the first of a series of new rings that will roll out over the next week.

2 - We had our last Amora enhanced Moissanite restock before the Holiday season on Monday, which covered a lot of sold out stone sizes.

3 - We'll be working on coating the Krupps Asha as well as the sold out H&A 7.5mm over the next two weeks and hopefully get those out before the Holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving for those in the US and have a great week and weekend!
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Glad to hear you opted for later launch date and higher production volume initially, I believe it will pay off best for everyone in the end. =)

And the gem display is quite stunning! How nice of them to send photographs, it looks very well done. Can't wait to see the last piece put in!
I totally agree with starting sales later but larger volume.
... Just to make sure... Less, you're trying to find a way to produce more efficiently the VERY SAME type of gorgeous Amora gem that we've seen on the video, right?????
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How pretty is that gem exhibit..! I had a total love for gems when I was younger and always made my poor mum take me along to something like that if I saw it advertised!
Good job on waiting for sure, I'd much rather wait a little longer to actually have a shot at getting my hands on one of those gorgeous Amoras! No chance you'll debut a couple of 1cts too? Seems like there's a bit of demand around.. wink wink =)
So i have been holding out hoping that the patent on moissanite will be ruled out in 2012 so that us in the U.S. can get the H&A amora instead of having to wait until 2015. Does anyone know when in 2012 though we will know the decision? thanks
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sheezacowgurl said:
So i have been holding out hoping that the patent on moissanite will be ruled out in 2012 so that us in the U.S. can get the H&A amora instead of having to wait until 2015. Does anyone know when in 2012 though we will know the decision? thanks
Less wrote here, "hopefully in Spring, 2012 we'll get a decision from the US Patent office on whether they will invalidate Charles and Colvards moissanite gem patent."

I had asked in that thread whether C&C had the right to appeal or seek review of the PTO's decision. I never got a response, but based on my 60 second google research of the issue (
) C&C can appeal the patent examiner's decision, and that appeal process would take time as well (first to the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences, and then an appeal to the Fed. Circuit Court of Appeals). A final decision might not be reached for a long time!
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Hmmm... does that mean if the patent is over ruled, and then they appeal, the time between the over ruling and the "new" ruling for the appeal would be fair game for Amora purchases? Because essentially, they go "Patent exists" and then "No, patent does not exist", and then you have to go through another round to get them to say again one or the other. In the in between time after they (hopefully) throw it out, and the appeal, they should be fair game for sale in the USA because *while* they are appealing, it does not mean that the patent is re-instated, right?
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