Takara Super Ideal H&A white diamonds coming by Halloween ...


Staff member
Hi all,
Happy to announce that we have our first ever Super Ideal H&A Takara's (lab grown white diamonds) finishing up in the next two weeks!
These will be smaller (.50ct, .75ct) but we are working with the grower to get to 1ct+ in the next three months.

These will be white (F- H color on average), VS clarity on average, but perhaps most exciting is we are shooting for ~$1500/ct, Super Ideal H&A, with independent diamond grading report. These are entirely HPHT lab grown, real diamonds.

Basically these are Eternity cuts but in Takara lab diamonds instead of Amora, and we're converting several of our Amora systems over to exclusively cut Takara whites since the price point is more attractive than it's ever been for lab grown diamonds.

More info to come in the next few weeks! You can sign up for notifications as usual at Notify Me!