Takara Super Ideal H&A updates - new rough in cutting, might get a 1.20ct and possibly...1.50ct!


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Hi all,
Very excited to share the news that we have two of our largest ever Takara rough in cutting now. Based on the initial Sarine HD scan, we might have our first ever 1.20ct and possibly (just possibly) our first 1.50ct!
These will all be be cut to true AGS-000 Super Ideal H&A, so getting that in a 1.20ct+ Takara is going to be amazing.
(Much easier to do larger sizes with regular rounds...Super Ideal loses a lot more rough by comparison).

More updates as cutting progresses, but very excited at the progress we are seeing with Takara production and sales (all 1ct+ have sold out...thus working on inventory expansion).
Best regards,