Takara Lab Diamond - Stud Earrings and a few larger loose


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Hi all,
We may have some additional Takara Ideal Cut rounds available shortly. Here's what it's looking like so far, and curious if there is much interest in the Takara Ideal Cuts as diamond stud earrings?

Takara Ideal cut lab diamond stud earrings (platinum 4 prong):
1.20ctw (.60ct x2), G/VS2, Ideal Cut - $2159.20
1.60ctw (.80ct x2), G/VS2, Ideal Cut - $3511

1.00ct E/VS2, Ideal Cut- $4320
1.00ct, E/VS1, Ideal Cut - $4860
Paired as Studs - 2.00ctw, E/VS,Ideal -$9379

1.01ct G/SI1, Ideal Cut - $3317.85
Paired as Studs - $6834.70

Loose only:
1.31ct G/VS2, $4774.95
1.50ct, G/SI1, $6412.50

It gets pretty expensive for the 1ctw studs, so not sure how well those will do when Amora Eternity studs are 1/10 of that price and H&A cut.

Anyway, we'll have these out for sale shortly but appreciate any feedback!