Sunshine Jewelry Cleaner

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The Centenary Diamond
So. a couple months back, i picked up a jar of Sunshine Jewelry Cleaner.

i didn't purchase the full kit they picture there, or from that particular seller. i just got the jar of pink cleaning goop.

i figure that i love the Sunshine Polishing Cloths, so why not give their other stuff a try?

i guess i was expecting Gemcare, only in pink instead of blue. and it IS NOT even remotely the same.

for starters, the jar of the pink stuff was half the size of the Gemcare. literally, half the height. some of my bigger/taller rings can't even be fully submerged in the liquid.

beyond all that, though? it doesn't clean well.

i bought a used ring on ebay, just a fun ring and nothing worth sharing here. but it arrived disgustingly filthy, with gunk caked under the stones like it had never been cleaned.

so, since i had the Sunshine Jewelry Cleaner sitting on my desk in here, but the Gemcare in the bedroom, i plopped the gross, disgustingly dirty ring in the jar. and forgot about it. for two days.

after two days, i took the ring out, gave it a light scrub-and-dunk.... and it didn't look any better than it had when i got it.

so, i used my jewelry-cleaning baby-soft toothbrush and the Sunshine Jewelry Cleaner and gave it a thorough scrub-and-dunk. which gave it a slight improvement.

frustrated, i got out the Gemcare - which i desperately need to replace as the jar is only about a third full now, and it's no longer clear-sparkling-blue but a kind of murky blue-gray. so not fresh and obviously much-used, yes?

a quick dunk-and-swish in the Gemcare did more than a scrubbing with the pink stuff. a thorough scrubbing with the baby-soft toothbrush and the Gemcare, and the filthy ring is almost presentable. it'll probably need one more good scrub before it would be wearable, but my point is ...

stick with Gemcare.
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